NYS Child Care Programs Licensed by OCFS

Jurisdiction: New York State
Source: New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS), Division of Child Care Services

This dataset includes 16 thousands child care programs that are currently regulated by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS), Division of Child Care Services, in accordance with Vehicle and Traffic Law. Each facility is registered with facility ID, facility name, provider name, location, license issuance date, expiration date, etc.

Queens · Child Care Programs

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Program Name Address Owner
Perez, Rosayna 220-03 133rd Avenue, Queens, NY 11413 Rosayna V. Perez
Pereira, Jade 82-62 172nd Street, Queens, NY 11432 Jade A. Pereira
BPA of NY INC. @PS.193Q 152-20 11th Avenue, Queens, NY 11357 Stephanie Yip
BPA of NY INC. @PS 201Q 65-11 155th Street, Queens, NY 11367 Stephanie Yip
BPA of NY INC. @159Q 205-01 33 Avenue, Queens, NY 11361 Joyce E. Shapiro
BPA of NY INC. @163Q 159-01 59 Avenue, Queens, NY 11365 Esther M. Kim
Global Kids Inc. @ SONYC-Q300 31-51 21st Street, Queens, NY 11106 Toni L. Gray Hazlewood
TD LEARNING INC. AT P.S. 22 153-33 Sanford Avenue, Queens, NY 11355 Chan Hong Yang
Olier, Sonia Queens, NY 11372 Sonia M. Olier
Jacob A. Riis Settlement House @ PS 111Q 37-15 13th Street, Queens, NY 11101 Desiree L. Lewis
SASF @ 78Q 46-08 5th Street, Queens, NY 11109 Jonathan N. Rua Gonzalez
Harriman Summer Camp, S-11, Inc. 133-25 Guy R Brewer Blvd., Queens, NY 11434 Tiffany E. Perry
Greater Ridgewood Youth Council @ PS 68 59-09 Saint Felix Avenue, Queens, NY 11385 Pauline M. Marchese
Aim High Leadership Center Too, Inc. 133-08 Sutter Ave., Queens, NY 11420 Suzanne N. Lindsay
Entertainment Careers After-School Program @ PS/MS 270Q 233-15 Merrick Blvd., Queens, NY 11422 Carl B. Clay
Entertainment Careers After-School Program @ Q341 118-34 Riverton St., Queens, NY 11412 Carl B. Clay
Boys & Girls Club of Metro Queens @ PS 146 98-01 159th Avenue, Queens, NY 11414 Samantha Surujlall
NYJTL @ PS 219Q 144-39 Gravett Road, Queens, NY 11367 Ryan L. Mitchell
Sports & Arts in School Foundation @ PS/MS 42 488 Beach 66 Street, Queens, NY 11692 Michelle B. Sohan- Gayle
PS / MS 200 of the Central Queens Y 70-10 164th Street, Queens, NY 11365 Stacey M. Levine
Eleonora's Day Care Inc. 105-42 65th Road, Queens, NY 11375 Eleonora Munarova
Sports & Arts in Schools Foundation @ PS 146Q 98-01 159 Avenue, Queens, NY 11414 Justin P. Gratta
Sports & Arts in Schools Foundation @ PS 41 214-43 35th Avenue, Queens, NY 11361 Sheila J. Wilson- Wells
PUCHATEK INC. Queens, NY 11385 Ewa Sielawa
NYJ Tennis Leaque @ M.S. 147Q 218-01 116th Avenue, Queens, NY 11411 Love Preet K. Dhillon
NYJ Tennis League @ PS127Q 98-01 25th Avenue, Queens, NY 11369 Kelsey E. Smalls
O.S.T Program @ P.S. 306 95-16 89th Avenue, Queens, NY 11421 Maria D. Batista
PS 139 of the Central Queens Y 93-06 63rd Drive, Queens, NY 11374 Clemente D. Ramirez
Huancayo, Yadira 3525 34th Street, Queens, NY 11106 Yadira Huancayo
Smith, Debbie 150-15 125th Avenue, Queens, NY 11434 Debbie Smith
ABC APPLE DAY CARE I 111-47 130th Street, Queens, NY 11420 Debbie Y. Velez
ALEXANDRA'S GROUP FAMILY DAY CARE Queens, NY 11421 Myriam C. Orjuela
Rangini, Khanum 65-50 Wetherole Street, Queens, NY 11374 Khanum Rangini
Grandma's Building Futures 137-03 79th Street, Queens, NY 11414 Angela M. Quezada
Y - After School @ P.S. 134Q 203-06 109th Avenue, Queens, NY 11412 Atikay M. Henry
Cabral, Maria 79-31 60th Lane, Queens, NY 11385 Maria E. Cabral
Pearson, Evonne 163-37 145th Road, Queens, NY 11434 Evonne Pearson
Bond, Adrienne 115-57 174th Street, Queens, NY 11434 Adrienne S. Bond
Molina, Maria 40-25 Hampton Street, Queens, NY 11373 Maria M. Molina
Coalition for Hispanic Family Services @ Q877 76-05 51st Avenue, Queens, NY 11373 Koli Kabir
NYJTL Aces Club @ P.S.42Q 488 Beach 66 Street, Queens, NY 11692 Maria E. Sanz
Reyes, Audrey 1419a Beach Channel Dr., Queens, NY 11691 Audrey A. Reyes
21st Century YMCA @ IS 59 132-55 Ridgedale Street, Queens, NY 11413 Judlet Beecher
Virtual Y @ PS 54 86-02 127th Street, Queens, NY 11418 Judlet Beecher
Hopes Little Blessings LLC 110-15 178th Street, Queens, NY 11433 Hope L. Woodberry
Ovalles, Tania 17-02 Stanhope Street, Queens, NY 11385 Tania M. Ovalles
Samuel Field Y @ PS/IS 266 74-10 Commonwealth Blvd, Queens, NY 11426 Glynis M. Harrison
Ramsubhag, Joycie 107-21 124th Street, Queens, NY 11419 Joycie Ramsubhag
Bizzy Bodies LLC. 116-22 222nd Street, Queens, NY 11411 Waltraud N. Watson