NYS Child Care Programs Licensed by OCFS
Monroe County

Jurisdiction: New York State
Source: New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS), Division of Child Care Services

This dataset includes 16 thousands child care programs that are currently regulated by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS), Division of Child Care Services, in accordance with Vehicle and Traffic Law. Each facility is registered with facility ID, facility name, provider name, location, license issuance date, expiration date, etc.

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Program Name Address Owner
Bright and Morning Star Daycare 2 Greenbriar Drive, Rochester, NY 14624 Janet L. James
Southwest YMCA of Greater Rochester 597 Thurston Rd, Rochester, NY 14619 Elise Peaslee
Mary's Daycare 154 Emerson Street, Rochester, NY 14613 Shasona M. Moran
Minion's Daycare LLC 476 Miller Lane, Rochester, NY 14617 Bryan A. Perez
Shaw, Alexis 88 Willite Drive, Rochester, NY 14621 Alexis J. Shaw
A Time to Treasure Childcare 641 Janes Road, Rochester, NY 14612 Melissa J. Halsey
Bates- Rich Child Care 316 Jefferson Avenue, Fairport, NY 144509792 Erica B. Stuart
Aventuras de Jade Day Care 84 Shelmont Dr., Rochester, NY 14621 Delisse B. Del Valle Sabastro
RACFI #16 321 Post Avenue, Rochester, NY 14619 Vincent J. Alexander
Children's STEM Garden, LLC 55 Lazy Trail, Penfield, NY 14526 Marne A. Parmelee
Staab, Jade 114 Golden Rod Lane, Henrietta, NY 14623 Jade K. Staab
Stars of Tomorrow Daycare 31 Wakefield Street, Rochester, NY 14621 Stephanie Narvaez
Kiddie Den Daycare 175 Klein, Rochester, NY 14621 Daibelis H. Verdejo
M.Maneiro Child Care 925 Pondbrook Point, Webster, NY 14580 Margarita Maneiro-Rivera
Fun Times with Titi 95 Frederick Drive, Rochester, NY 14624 Sachel R. Scott
Issack, Kureshia 521 Birr Street, Rochester, NY 14613 Kureshia A. Issack
Lundon's Laugh and Learn 84 Somerset Street, Rochester, NY 14611 Fondeshia D. Hill
Ocholi, Patty 142 Filon Ave, Rochester, NY 14622 Patty A. Ocholi
Hardy, Cherie 169 Chapin Street, Rochester, NY 14621 Cherie D. Hardy
Majors- Hill, Donna 110 Alameda Street, Rochester, NY 14613 Donna M. Majors- Hill
Lott, Nadia 3457 Chili Avenue, Rochester, NY 14624 Nadia J. Lott
Smart Kid Daycare Club 757 Chili Avenue, Rochester, NY 14611 Patty A. Shorter
A Mother's Love Daycare by Rosey 52 Frances Street, Rochester, NY 14609 Rosemary Blake
My First Little School 90 Pulaski St, Rochester, NY 14621 Erica I. Ortiz
Cozy Corner 27 Sanfilippo Circle, Penfield, NY 14625 Hetal A. Patel
Patricia's Little Tots Daycare 198 Augustine Street, Rochester, NY 14613 Ashley P. St Cloud
Cordaro, Kayla 1471 Hilton Parma Corners Road, Spencerport, NY 14559 Kayla S. Cordaro
Boys Be Boys Children Services Inc. 49 Wendy Lane, Rochester, NY 14626 Rodney T. Fields
Brown, Kristina 221 Old Meadow Drive, Rochester, NY 14626 Kristina M. Brown
RiverNorth Kindergarten 300 Dale Rd., Rochester, NY 14625 Christy A. Field
Spinks, Tashara 221 Akron Street, Rochester, NY 14609 Tashara S. Spinks
Llanos Clemente, Ivonne 346 La Grange Avenue, Rochester, NY 14615 Ivonne M. Llanos Clemente
Grandma's Hands Daycare 155 Weyl Street, Rocehster, NY 14621 Myra S. Williams
Nyiramasho, Rozirat 99 Mason Street, Rochester, NY 14613 Rozirat Nyiramasho
Mensing, Jessica 116 College Ave, North Greece, NY 14515 Jessica L. Mensing
Jackson, Willene 74 Myrtle Street, Rochester, NY 14606 Willene Jackson
Blat Quesada, Yaneisy 184 Delamaine Drive, Rochester, NY 14621 Yaneisy Blat Quesada
Cruz, Miriam 111 Dix St., Rochester, NY 14606 Miriam Cruz
Miller, Sulina 415 Augustine Street, Rochester, NY 14613 Sulina M. Miller
Learn, Play & Smile Daycare 78 Valois St, Rochester, NY 14621 Bethzaida Hernandez Carrucini
Naydalys Family Day Care Rochester, NY 14621 Naydaly Gonzalez
New Beginnings School Age Academy 2338a Lyell Ave, Rochester, NY 14606 Yolanda Brignoni Gonzalez
Mc Cullough, Jona 59 Bedford Street, Rochester, NY 14609 Jona Q. Mc Cullough
Joys of Learning Family DayCare 337 Steko Ave, Rochester, NY 14615 Patricia A. Mack
Alexander, Vivian 200 Portage Street, Rochester, NY 14621 Vivian J. Alexander
Tecias Childcare 588 Scio St, Rochester, NY 14605 Martecia S. Kelly
Bambam Day Care 577 Flower City Park, Rochester, NY 146153618 Carmen L. Morales
Mack, Valerie 52 Love Street, Rochester, NY 14611 Valerie J. Mack
Candace's Center of Love 100 Maryland St, Rochester, NY 14613 Candace A. Graham
Jenn's Gems Daycare 558 Driving Park Ave, Rochester, NY 14613 Jennifer M. Moton