New York State Liquor Licenses

Provider: New York State, Liquor Authority, Licensing Bureau
Jurisdiction: New York State

This dataset includes 70 thousand premises licensed with New York State Liquor Authority (SLA). The State Liquor Authority (SLA) regulates the manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages. The SLA’s Licensing Bureau is responsible for the statewide processing of licenses, license renewals, permits and brand label registrations. All must be consistent with the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law. Each business is registered with license number, entity name, business name, location, etc.

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Business NameAddressLicense Issue Date
T and M Restaurant Inc · Sushi Makio1088 Morton Blvd, Store #3, Kingston, NY 124012021-11-23
A Day Apart Inc · Diego's38 John St, #7, Kingston, NY 124012021-11-16
Rondout Music Lounge Ltd, The · The Anchor744 746 Broadway, Kingston, NY 124012021-10-27
Rough Draft Bar & Books Inc82 John St, Kingston, NY 124012021-10-26
Enzos Ristorante & Pizza Inc · Enzos Ristornate & Pizza207 Boices Ln, Kingston, NY 124012021-10-20
Gpc Inc · Chops Grille33 37 John St, Kingston, NY 124012021-10-13
Vacs526 Inc · Terri's Deli56 Emerson St, Kingston, NY 124012021-10-12
Rathore Enterprises Inc336 E Chester St, Kingston, NY 124012021-10-04
White Eagle Benevolent Society · of Kingston Ny Inc487 Delaware Ave, Kingston, NY 124012021-09-30
B P O E Kingston Lodge 550143 Hurley Ave, Kingston, NY 124012021-09-30
John Santouris · Kings Pizza1 Wall St, Kingston, NY 124012021-09-28
Great Life Brewing Company LLC75 Clarendon Ave, Unit #1, Kingston, NY 124012021-09-17
Parth Liquors of Kingston Inc · Lucas Wine & Liquors350 Lucas Ave, Kingston, NY 124012021-09-17
Parth Food of Kingston Inc · Raj's Deli Mart352 Lucas Ave, Kingston, NY 124012021-09-17
Blvd Wines LLC374 S Wall St, Kingston, NY 124012021-09-16
Kingston Maennerchor and Damenchor Inc37 Greenkill Ave, Kingston, NY 124012021-09-15
Superbowl Cuisine Inc300 Plaza Rd, Kingston, NY 124012021-09-14
Larnaca Inc · Christinas812 Ulster Avenue, Kingston, NY 124012021-08-23
Pure Impact Group LLC478 Albany Ave, Unit #2, Kingston, NY 124012021-08-19
Twaalfskill Club, The282 W Oreilly St, Kingston, NY 124012021-08-12
Casa Villa of New York Ltd395 Albany Avenue, Flatbush & Foxhall, Kingston, NY 124012021-08-12
Marine's Taste of Italy Inc · A Slice of Italy1316 Ulster Ave, Kingston, NY 124012021-08-12
Mole Pier 23 Inc · Pier 23 Mole Mole23 Broadway, Kingston, NY 124012021-08-03
Irish Roots LLC · Grainne299 Wall St, Aka 295 Wall St, Kingston, NY 124012021-07-30
Joyce Schirick Post 1386 Vfw708 E Chester St Bypass, Van Kleeck Lane - T/O Ulster, Kingston, NY 124012021-07-27
Tonys Pizzeria On Broadway Inc · Tony's Pizzeria582 Broadway, Kingston, NY 124012021-07-23
Asy Petroleum Inc370 Albany Ave, Kingston, NY 124012021-07-22
Alex Von Salad LLC677 Sawkill Rd, Kingston, NY 124012021-07-16
301 Wall Restaurant LLC · Hotel Kinsley301 Wall St, Kingston, NY 124012021-07-15
J & J Yasuda Inc579 Broadway, Store B, Kingston, NY 124012021-07-14
Village Grocery and Refillery Corp2 Jansen Ave, Kingston, NY 124012021-07-09
Rosie General LLC39 Broadway, Kingston, NY 124012021-07-09
Dear Kingston LLC21 Oneil St, Kingston, NY 124012021-07-09
First Capital Mart Inc85 Murray St, Kingston, NY 124012021-07-08
Dutchess Beer Distributors Inc36 Kieffer Lane, Kingston, NY 124012021-06-21
Hometown Discount Beverage Inc13 Grand Street Suite 6, Kingston, NY 124012021-06-18
Crazy Beer World Inc · Beer Universe403 Washington Ave, Kingston, NY 124012021-06-18
Beer World 3 Corp1221 Ulster Ave, Kingston, NY 124012021-06-18
Cvs Albany LLC · Cvs/Pharmacy #4281301 Ulster Ave, Kingston, NY 124012021-06-11
Cvs Albany LLC · Cvs/Pharmacy #8945416 Washington Ave, Kingston, NY 124012021-06-11
Rite Aid of New York Inc · Rite Aid Pharmacy #1090351 Flatbush Avenue, Kingston, NY 1240127432021-06-04
Stewart's Shops Corp · Stewart's Shop #35845 Boices Lane, Kingston, NY 124012021-06-01
Eckerd Corporation · Rite Aid Pharmacy #10700485 Broadway, Kingston, NY 124012021-06-01
Stewart's Shops Corp · Stewart's Shop #141268 280 Broadway, Kingston, NY 124012021-06-01
Stewart's Shops Corp · Stewart's Shop #2131 Blvd, Kingston, NY 124012021-06-01
Stewart's Shops Corp · Stewart's Shop #2861872 Ulster Avenue, Kingston, NY 124012021-06-01
Stewart's Shops Corp · Stewart's Shop #228420 Albany Ave, Kingston, NY 124012021-06-01
Stewart's Shops Corp · Stewart's Shop #328339 Lucas Avenue, Kingston, NY 124012021-06-01
Grounded Ny LLC83 Broadway, Kingston, NY 124012021-05-28
Dietz Stadium Diner of Kingston Inc · Dietz Staduim Diner127 129 N Front St, N Front & Washington Ave, Kingston, NY 124012021-05-26
Stony Hollow Wines Inc · The Wine Hutch936 Route 28, 4.25m N of Thruway Traff Circl, Kingston, NY 124012021-05-20
Zheng's Brother 88 Inc · The Merchant730 Ulster Ave, Kingston, NY 124012021-05-11
Kingston Distillery LLC77 Mcentee St, Kingston, NY 124012021-05-04
Kellys Shamrock Tavern Inc482 Broadway, Kingston, NY 124012021-04-22
Sarita Inc · Le Canard Enchaine276 Fair Street, Kingston, NY 124012021-04-21
R T Williams Inc · The Triangle Inn498 Delaware Ave, Kingston, NY 124012021-04-19
Ship To Shore Restaurant Inc15 West Strand Street, Kingston, NY 124012021-04-16
Keegan Ales LLC20 Saint James St, Prospect & Clinton, Kingston, NY 124012021-04-15
Keegan Ales LLC20 Saint James Street, Propect St & Clinton Ave, Kingston, NY 124012021-04-14
Pizza & Pollo of Ulster Co Inc · Plaza Pizza312 Plaza Road, Kingston, NY 124012021-04-08
Hby Qozb LLC, Hby Entertainment LLC & Si Op Co LLC188 200 North St, Kingston, NY 124012021-04-02
Pizza Picnic Inc · Picnic Pizza501 Washington Avenue, Hurley Ave & I-87, Kingston, NY 124012021-03-26
Rondout Landing LLC · Ole Savannah100 Rondout Landing, Kingston, NY 124012021-03-24
Banta Bww Kg LLC · Buffalo Wild Wings1266 Ulster Ave, Kingston, NY 124012021-03-19
Duffy's At The Triangle Inn Inc · Duffy's Dockside7 W Strand St, Kingston, NY 124012021-03-15
J and B Catering LLC · The Chateau240 Blvd, Kingston, NY 124012021-03-05
Martin Lopez · La Hacienda Restaurant680 Broadway, Kingston, NY 124012021-03-05
Lis Bar LLC240 Foxhall Ave, Kingston, NY 124012021-03-03
595 Kingston Meat Market Corp595 Broadway, Kingston, NY 124012021-03-03
Jk Corporate Ventures Inc · Jks Wine & Liquor276 Plaza Rd, Off Plaza Rd In Kingston Plaza, Kingston, NY 124012021-01-26
Assamet A Alzanam · Ny Grocery Deli702 Broadway, Unit B, Kingston, NY 124012021-01-26
Vermani Inc784 Ulster Avenue, Kingston, NY 124012021-01-26
Poseidon Foods Inc · Olympic Diner600 620 Washington Avenue, Kingston, NY 124012021-01-25
Foxhall Food Mart Inc384 Foxhall Ave, Kingston, NY 124012021-01-22
Sky View Mexican Restaurant Inc237 Forest Hill Dr, Kingston, NY 124012021-01-04
Trinity Eats LLC · Buns Burgers335 Wall Street, Kingston, NY 124012020-12-22
Fitz's Liquor Store Inc1355 Ulster Avenue Mall, Kingston, NY 124012020-12-09
Wgc Holdings LLC · Wiltwyck404 Steward Ln, Kingston, NY 124012020-12-04
1353 Kingston Wok LLC1353 Ulster Ave, Kingston, NY 124012020-12-02
Tortilla Taco Bar LLC, The · The Tortilla Taco Bar LLC38 Broadway, Kingston, NY 124012020-11-25
Deising's Bakery & Pastry Shop Inc109-119 North Front Street, Kingston, NY 124012020-11-12
Burro Loco LLC · Armadillo Bar & Grill97 Abeel St, Kingston, NY 124012020-11-12
J & R Eagle Inc · Kyoto Sushi337 Washington Ave, Kingston, NY 124012020-11-12
59 North Front Street Inc · Snapper Magee's59 North Front Street, Kingston, NY 124012020-11-12
M T Supermarket Inc185 Smith Ave, Kingston, NY 124012020-11-12
Cheekam Mart Inc625 Broadway, Corner of Broadway & Henry, Kingston, NY 124012020-11-12
Bridge Creek Catering Inc4 N Front St, Kingston, NY 124012020-11-09
Pupuseria Restaurant Mi Ranchito Corp614 618 Broadway, Kingston, NY 124012020-11-02
Silvano Cruz · Cruz Market9 Wurts Street, Kingston, NY 124012020-10-14
Hoffman House Restaurant LLC94 N Front St, Kingston, NY 124012020-10-06
Sultan M N Abdulla · Cedar Street Deli & Grocery109 Cedar Street, Kingston, NY 124012020-10-05
Mount Cassino Inc · Downtown Cafe91 Broadway, Kingston, NY 124012020-09-25
Zee Best Corp · Zenon's772 Ulster Ave, T/O Ulster, Kingston, NY 124012020-09-21
R I of Kingston Opco LLC · Kingston Residence Inn800 Frank Sottile Blvd, Kingston, NY 124012020-09-17
Arc Foods Inc · Hickory743 Route 28, Kingston, NY 124012020-09-16
Kingston Power Boat Assoc Inc370 Abeel St, Kingston, NY 124012020-09-15
Sissy's Cafe Ltd324 Wall St, Kingston, NY 124012020-09-11
Kingston Motel Corp · Best Western Plus - Kingston503 Washington Ave, Kingston, NY 124012020-09-08
Martin's Foods of South Burlington LLC · Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #8340100 Plaza Road, Kingston, NY 124012020-09-01
Martin's Foods of South Burlington LLC · Hannaford Supermarket & Pharmacy #83481261 Ulster Avenue, Kingston, NY 124012020-09-01