NYS Real Estate Salespersons, Brokers, and Appraisers

Provider: New York State, Department of State
Jurisdiction: New York State

This dataset includes 20 thousand licensed real estate salespersons, brokers, and appraisers licensed with New York State, Department of State. Each licensee is registered with license number, holder name, address, expiration date, etc.

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License NameAddressLicense TypeExpiration Date
Lawyer Harry S · Nys Department of Taxation & FinanceBldg 9-Otpa, Wa Harriman State Campus, Albany, NY 12227Licensed Real Estate Appraiser Assistant2023-12-09
Jenkins William · Eclectic Tile LLC450 North Pearl St, Albany, NY 12204Limited Liability Broker2023-12-05
Baldwin Harold Michael · Ckm Team Realty300 Great Oaks Blvd, 300-040, Albany, NY 12203Associate Broker2023-11-11
Diianni John J · Colonie Management Mb LLC131 Colonie Center, Albany, NY 12205Limited Liability Broker2023-11-10
Landis Arland B · Accessrealtybrokers.com251 New Karner Rd # 12, Albany, NY 12205Corporate Broker2023-10-28
Bee Clair F · Acre Real Estate Associates LLC666 Madison Ave, Albany, NY 12208Limited Liability Broker2023-10-12
Zborowski Stephen Thomas · Steve Thomas Real Estate LLC11a Woodlawn Ave, Albany, NY 12208Limited Liability Broker2023-10-12
Hafner William S Jr · Hafner Valuation Group Inc4 Avis Drive, Pob 16250, Albany, NY 12212-6250Certified General Real Estate Appraiser2023-10-10
Monticello Alexander H80 Davis Ave, Albany, NY 12203Limited Liability Broker2023-09-29
Fitzpatrick Timothy J · Irecc LLC1500 Central Ave, Suite 107, Albany, NY 12204Limited Liability Broker2023-09-28
Simeone Lisa · Kellie Kieley Realty LLC1525 Western Ave, Suite 2a, Albany, NY 12203Associate Broker2023-09-25
Allen Gregory J · State Street Realty LLC90 State Street Ste 1009, Albany, NY 12207Limited Liability Broker2023-09-24
Carrow Jessica R561 Highwood Circle, Albany, NY 12203-5037Individual Broker2023-09-23
Bauer Bruce R · Bauer Appraisal Group Inc125 Wolf Rd, Albany, NY 12205Certified General Real Estate Appraiser2023-09-11
Roberts Bronic G · Bronic Roberts Real Estate1973 Western Avenue, Albany, NY 12203Corporate Broker2023-09-06
Doman Jonathan · Tdg Real Estate LLC80 State St, Albany, NY 12207-2543Limited Liability Broker2023-09-02
Motta Michele · Michele Motta213 Milner Avenue, Albany, NY 12208Individual Broker2023-08-30
Lambek Debra J302 Washington Ave Ext, Albany, NY 12203Individual Broker2023-08-22
Carrow Anthony J · Carrow Real Estate Services LLC99 Washington Ave, Albany, NY 12206Associate Broker2023-08-19
Dixon Clifton M · Clifton Dixon & Associates Realty90 State Street, Ste 700, Albany, NY 12207Corporate Broker2023-08-08
Evans Kristina L · Evergreen Associated Partners LLC90 State St Suite 7000, Albany, NY 12207Limited Liability Broker2023-08-08
Garry Michael J · Garry Agency600 Broadway, Albany, NY 12207Limited Liability Broker2023-07-28
Dalrymple Linda90 State St Ste 602, Albany, NY 12207Individual Broker2023-07-27
Dries Nicholas P · The Dre Property Group LLC90 State St Ste 700 Office 40, Albany, NY 12207Limited Liability Broker2023-07-25
Catalano Antonino Jr227 Quail St, Albany, NY 12203Individual Broker2023-07-24
Gaddy Samantha J · Optimum Field Prductions LLC403 Livingston Ave, Albany, NY 122061Limited Liability Broker2023-07-24
Persaud Nicole D39 Sand Creek Rd #2, Albany, NY 12205Individual Broker2023-07-23
Tucker David D · Access Premier Properties.com Inc251 New Karner Rd, #12, Albany, NY 12205Associate Broker2023-07-22
Doherty Sharlene B3 Roland Drive, Albany, NY 12208Individual Broker2023-07-22
Rieger Steven E30 Delafield Dr, Albany, NY 12205Individual Broker2023-07-20
Smith Matthew J · Washington Park Group LLC8 Thurlow Terrace, Albany, NY 12203Limited Liability Broker2023-07-18
Brown Derek V · Titan Commercial Realty Group LLC24 Aviation Road, Suite 202, Albany, NY 12205Associate Broker2023-07-16
Finkell Gregory C61 Victory Way, Albany, NY 12209-Individual Broker2023-07-08
Vatrano Theresa M · Vatrano Realty Inc11 B Vatrano Rd, Albany, NY 12205Corporate Broker2023-07-06
Campbell Patrick J · Gersch Real Estate Group LLC1531 Central Ave, Albany, NY 12205-5058Associate Broker2023-07-05
Smith Karen A · 1st Kander Realty Inc90 State St Suite 700, Albany, NY 12207Corporate Broker2023-06-30
Hubbell Daniel T · Whiteman Osterman & Hanna LLPOne Commerce Plaza, Albany, NY 12260Certified General Real Estate Appraiser2023-06-27
Rozhon Tracie1 Henry Johnson Blvd, Albany, NY 12210Individual Broker2023-06-27
Cairns Thomas J20 Ridgefield St, Albany, NY 12208Individual Broker2023-06-25
Masters Carmen G393 Clinton Ave, Albany, NY 12206Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser2023-06-21
Kaziyev Aleksandr · Aleksandr Kaziyev30 Gingerbread La, Albany, NY 12208Certified General Real Estate Appraiser2023-06-19
Louis Lahmar A324 Hudson Ave #1r, Albany, NY 12210-1839Individual Broker2023-06-15
Martinsen Penny A · Benchmark Realty Group Inc8 Camp Ter, Albany, NY 12203Corporate Broker2023-06-11
White Serena Joyce3 Beacon Ave, Albany, NY 12203Individual Broker2023-06-09
Perri John M Jr · Ikon Realty Group LLC1828 Western Ave, Albany, NY 12203Associate Broker2023-06-06
Lawrence Melinda D75 Edgecomb St, Albany, NY 12209Individual Broker2023-06-03
Dennis John H270 Mount Hope Dr, Albany, NY 12202Individual Broker2023-05-28
Hennige Tracy L27 Elm St, Albany, NY 12202Individual Broker2023-05-24
Jones Tangent T11b Jules Drive, Albany, NY 12205Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser2023-05-20
Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Blake Realtors1735 Central Ave 2nd Fl, Albany, NY 12205Real Estate Branch Office2023-05-16
Mcgovern Joseph P5 Wilson St, Albany, NY 12207Individual Broker2023-05-06
Faist Thomas W54 Willett Street, Albany, NY 12210-1104Individual Broker2023-05-03
Jacob Joseph F · Upstate Ny Building Group LLC125 Wolf Rd Ste 5038, Albany, NY 12205Limited Liability Broker2023-04-26
Arnos Louis P · Trinity Realty Group18 Computer Drive East, Suite 201, Albany, NY 12205Associate Broker2023-04-24
Broderick Kevin J · Falvey Real Estate Group Ltd427 New Karner Rd, Albany, NY 12205Associate Broker2023-04-23
Mahar Shane · Madison Park Real Estate69 State St, Floor 13, Albany, NY 12207Limited Liability Broker2023-04-20
Diffenback Lisa37 Wilson Ave, Albany, NY 12205Individual Broker2023-04-10
Barnes Charles F326 B Cortland St, Albany, NY 12208Individual Broker2023-03-30
Gallagher Christopher J · Gallagher and Company153 South Pearl Street, Po Box 1415, Albany, NY 12201Corporate Broker2023-03-29
Philipp Helmut S104 Delmar Pl, Albany, NY 12054Individual Broker2023-03-12
Wright Diana L · Completely Home LLC36 Summit Ave, Albany, NY 12209Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser2023-03-11
Phaff David M · David Phaff & Associates Inc5 N Pine Ave, Albany, NY 12203-1711Corporate Broker2023-03-09
Eames Nik J1971 Western Ave Ste 254, Albany, NY 12203Individual Broker2023-03-08
Kaplan Janet S · Stuyvesant Plaza Inc4 Tower Place, Suite 101, Albany, NY 12203Corporate Broker2023-03-04
Clark Joseph M · Joe Clark Realty LLC124 Lincoln Ave, Albany, NY 12205Limited Liability Broker2023-03-03
Torres Daniel A · Community Realty255 Orange St, Albany, NY 12210Corporate Broker2023-02-13
Snowdon Gary N · Snowdon Valuation589 Highwood Cir, Albany, NY 12203Certified General Real Estate Appraiser2023-02-12
Jankow Ryan A · Jankow Management Inc363 Ontario St, Ste 2, Albany, NY 12208Associate Broker2023-02-08
Howard Hanna Capital Inc1881 Western Ave, Albany, NY 12203Real Estate Branch Office2023-02-08
Davenport Patricia L · Dipace Denise M21 Linton Avenue, Albany, NY 12205Associate Broker2023-02-06
Schweitzer Mark A240 State St., #2162, Albany, NY 12220Individual Broker2023-02-04
Purtell Joan M · Albany Management Inc4 Computer Dr West, Albany, NY 12205Corporate Broker2023-01-31
Roberts Philip E · Philip E Roberts Inc1971 Western Ave, Albany, NY 12203Corporate Broker2023-01-31
Micale James M · Jim Michaels Realty Inc3 Carol St, Pob 11072 Albany Ny 12211, Albany, NY 12205Corporate Broker2023-01-29
Scott John C62 Fleetwood Ave, Albany, NY 12208Individual Broker2023-01-14
Rodriguez Jorge · Aleph Capital LLC90 State St 7th Fl, Albany, NY 12207Limited Liability Broker2023-01-12
Amadon Nina P · Venture Realty Partners264 Osborne Rd, Albany, NY 12211Associate Broker2023-01-06
Montgomery August P · Ambk Realty LLC53 N Lake Ave, Albany, NY 12206Limited Liability Broker2023-01-05
Diianni John J · Hanna Commercial20 Aviation Road, Albany, NY 12205Associate Broker2023-01-03
Conaway Larry M571 Sand Creek Rd, Albany, NY 12205Individual Broker2022-12-29
Scott Jeffrey B · Cuzins Real Estate LLC1475 Western Ave Ste 51-3792, Albany, NY 12203Limited Liability Broker2022-12-29
Prince Adam S35 South Lake Ave Apt 2, Albany, NY 12203Certified General Real Estate Appraiser2022-12-25
Greco David C · Clancy Real Estate1 Fletcher Road, Albany, NY 12203Associate Broker2022-12-22
Oneill John F · Del Palmer Appraisal Company26 First St, Albany, NY 12210Certified General Real Estate Appraiser2022-12-16
Brownell Robert B · Vanguard Fine LLC1529 Western Ave, Suite 102, Albany, NY 12203Associate Broker2022-12-15
Mahar Shane · Madison Properties Capital District16 Harris Ave, Albany, NY 12208Limited Liability Broker2022-12-10
Fraim Tracy L · 518 Realty.com Inc1571 Central Ave, Albany, NY 12205Associate Broker2022-12-04
Ody Gema L · Mavin Real Estate Services LLC70 Tivoli St, Albany, NY 12207Limited Liability Broker2022-12-04
Farcher Charles · Ngb Property Management LLC501 New Karner Road, Suite 9, Albany, NY 12205Limited Liability Broker2022-11-28
Tomakin Marco F G74 Cottage Ave, Albany, NY 12203Individual Broker2022-11-26
Mcdonald Colin T · Mcdonald Real Estate Comp LLC118 Nutgrove Lane, Albany, NY 12202Limited Liability Broker2022-11-24
Wolanin Gregory M · Wolanin Companies Ltd1704 Western Ave Pob 38001, Albany, NY 12203Corporate Broker2022-11-18
Green David R23 Kennedy Drive, Po Box 11177, 12211, Albany, NY 12211Individual Broker2022-11-05
Rizzo Susan A · Principal 1823 LLC204 Whitehall Rd, Albany, NY 12209Limited Liability Broker2022-11-02
Diianni John J108 Brandon Ter, Albany, NY 11203-4619Individual Broker2022-10-31
Neikam Steven M Jr · Cbre210 Washington Ave Ext, Albany, NY 12203-6339Certified General Real Estate Appraiser2022-10-22
Clark Stephen R9 Fairfax Blvd, Albany, NY 12159Individual Broker2022-10-11
Macfawn Joseph2 Anderson Drive, Albany, NY 12205Individual Broker2022-09-29
Jakovic J Wesley119 South Manning Blvd, Albany, NY 12203-1720Individual Broker2022-09-27
Asiello Carol F · Howard Hanna Capital Inc20 Aviation Rd, Albany, NY 12205Associate Broker2022-09-21